You can have the best audio, video, and lighting equipment on the market, but if it is complicated to use, it will not get utilized to its full potential. Systems can have hundreds of knobs, switches, level adjustments, power switches, touch interfaces, etc.  All of these can be extremely intimidating to an end user.  Even though end users may be technically savvy, they often do not have the time or desire to learn the ins-and-outs of all the equipment in the systems that they are operating.  We work hand-in-hand with clients to gage how they want to interact with their system.  We design and program control systems that meet their desired level of automation, not necessarily what a programmer (tech geek) thinks they need.  A user interface that is not intuitive just adds to the complexity of the system.  Intuitive user interfaces that are catered specifically to the client’s needs are what we deliver.  We present the user experience to the client before we ever install the system so that we insure the client is comfortable and not caught off guard.  



Video over IP can get complicated quickly. ASW has designed and installed Video over IP solutions since 2002. There are so many variables that can come into play when designing a Video over IP solution. The only constant is that Video over IP solutions are growing exponentially in our society. Access to content and media from our smart phones and tablets, is now an expectation. We now have an entire generation in our society that has grown up with smart devices in their hands. You see Video over IP everywhere. Digital billboards, live events or television shows you can access on the internet, people watching content on their smart phones walking down a hall or driving down the road L! It doesn’t matter if your target audience is using an iPhone, an iPad, an android tablet, a PC, or MAC, we can deliver content to them anywhere at any time. Video over IP is now utilized in virtually every market.  Educational facilities use Video  over IP for lecture capture and playback, digital signage, TV distribution, streaming live events on the internet like graduations, and Video-on-Demand. Churches utilize Video over IP for streaming services online, supporting satellite churches, archiving content for target audiences to view individually, and digital signage. Corporations use Video over IP for archiving and distributing training sessions, creating and distributing professional development information, updating and reminding employees through digital signage of events and information. ASW understands the complexities of making sure that the IT infrastructure is optimized for peak performance. We work with our clients to create a Video over IP backbone that will handle all needs and that is scalable for future growth.