Maintain…  We maintain our gear. We go to great strides to insure our equipment is clean and blemish free. We keep the latest equipment in stock for your events. We choose to utilize quality equipment in our inventory.  We want to ensure that the equipment being used for an event will not fail. You only get one shot at making a live event successful.


Events…  We can support a wide array of events. Corporate meetings and press releases, concerts, weddings, meetings, and graduations are just a few. We can handle large scale events for thousands of people, or small meetings with less than 10. We can support all Audio, Video, and Lighting needs. We have the capability to stream an event around the globe so that a larger audience can be reached. Streaming solutions are the answer for people who cannot attend an event due to travel restrictions or time constraints.


Video Conferencing…  ASW maintains a dedicated video conferencing suite in our office. Our private HD conferencing suite can be rented by the hour. The costs associated with buying quality HD conferencing equipment that only gets utilized a few times a year does not make good business sence. Take advantage of our low rates and use our room as needed.