• Chris Reese

Before You Build: Getting the Most Out of Your Tech Budget (Part 2)

Engage low-voltage engineers early.

No one would fathom pouring the foundation, then calling MEP engineers to design all the plumbing and mechanical systems, or putting up all the drywall, then calling out the electricians and HVAC folks to do their thing. Even so, that is exactly what we see many times with low-voltage systems – including pro AV.

All these systems require power, conduit, and blocking in walls for display mounts. They also generate heat which affects the cooling requirements for the building. Access control systems need the proper door frames and power for electric strikes, crash bars, or magnetic locks, and all of the IT, communications, and AV systems need adequate space to be serviceable and proper cooling to extend their life.

As you read the previous paragraph, I want you to think “change-orders” and “high costs” for adding the necessary infrastructure to support the technology needs of the users of the space. To make your technology budget stretch as far as possible, intrusion, access control, CCTV, AV, IT, and communications are systems that should be engineered during the design phase of a project.

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