• Shane Boyce

Great Lighting Makes Great Video

That’s the simple secret in everything visual. Great lighting makes for great video, great photos, great staging, great theaters, great homes, great restaurants, hotels, classrooms, sanctuaries, moods, emotions, significance… you get the point. So get the illumination.

  • Specialized video-conference fixtures can bring enough light, at the right angle and with the right color temperature to make participants look alive and engaged, rather than dark and distant. The “video” in video-conference runs a distant third in importance after sound and lighting.

  • Use LED fixtures to eliminate heat and lower power requirements. There is an enormous variety of LED fixtures available to fit nearly any requirement.

  • Color giveth and color taketh away. Color adds drama and texture to staging, architecture and TV. But when several different versions of “white” light show up on video, you can end up with murky, seasick looking people. Many LED fixtures allow you to dial in particular temperatures of white, so you can keep everything looking right.

  • It’s not just about enough light, but the quality of the light. That means the angle, the color, the relationship to shadows and possibly the impact of the lighting instrument in the space beyond the subject it is illuminating.

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