• Shane Boyce


Besides a high CBL factor (colored blinking lights – an industry standard measurement) digital mixing consoles offer some very useful benefits:

  • Remapping the control surfaces for different events or operators is a breeze. For example, an experienced engineer mixing for a large band with backup singers has a different set of needs from an apprentice operator mixing for a small wedding.

  • Multiple control locations allow a front-of-house engineer to mix from a prime listening point, while a recording engineer can mix the same event from an isolated booth. With digital consoles, this becomes far more cost effective and simplifies the design requirements.

  • Automation is possible when using control systems. In the analog world this would have likely required split audio paths.

  • When integrated into a purely digital cabling infrastructure using digital stage boxes, snakes and I/O panels, cabling requirements are reduced, grounding issues essentially disappear and future scalability dramatically increases.

  • While not unique to digital boards, it is worth pointing out: flying faders make you look awesome.

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