• Shane Boyce

A/V in Healthcare

Excela Health in Greensburg, PA, has chosen ASW to design and integrate AV technologies at its two newest patient centers. Excela Health has stayed ahead of the curve by rolling out a customized electronic medical records system. The new EMR system enhances the efficiency of the hospital system which will help lower the cost of healthcare for its patients. Excela looked to ASW to provide a solution that would enhance the patient experience and reduce the time a patient spends in the waiting and exam rooms. “We were looking for an integration company that could think outside the box and deliver a design that was both budget friendly and scalable for any technology that we may add in the future. After sharing our vision with Shane Boyce of ASW, he proposed a solution that was exactly what we were looking for.” said Aaron Burd, Manager of Network Operations.

After the patient checks in at the waiting room reception desk, a large LED flat panel directs the patient to a specified exam room. A 46″ LED monitor greets the patient in the exam room with scrolling art work and content provided by Excela Health. Once the healthcare provider enters the room, they can switch the display to a computer from an intuitive touch panel that can access the EMR system and the Video on Demand system provided by ASW. The healthcare provider can review past history, display patient x-rays, show health related videos, or display other digital content. “ASW has already completed the first roll out at Latrobe Hospital. Despite construction delays, the AV system was up and running on day one. “The staff at ASW is top-notch.” said Dave DiFabio, Director of IT technical services.

Logistical processes are central to delivering large scale projects in short time frames. ASW engineers have developed specialized software for mobile devices that streamlines reporting and documentation to a centralized server. The software minimizes human error and provides multiple users the ability to access and manipulate data simultaneously in real time. Staging, mobilization, and inventory processes are continually refined to maximize efficiency. ASW is honored to support the US Army for another year!


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