• Shane Boyce

Atlanta Botanical Display

Whether you celebrate Christmas as the birth of a Savior (our preference) or a festive finish to the year, lights and music contribute more than decoration and mood.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a place you can go to lift your spirits anytime of the year. This season, they added lights throughout the garden that cheer the soul.

A stroll through the many gardens builds enchantment with the bright colors, and living patterns, and climaxes at the Great Lawn that stretches before the Fuqua Conservatory. A variety of seasonal music selections fill the air and complete the experience of sights and sounds.

Atlanta Soundworks was tasked with creating a high quality, low profile music system to accompany the amazing dancing lights. Unlike children, the sound system was to be heard and not seen. We selected a loudspeaker that could provide high fidelity sound in an outdoor package. We created a mount that kept the highest point of the speakers less than one foot above the lawn. Much of the wiring is concealed in the arbor. The head-end equipment is housed in a garden shed obscured behind large shrubbery. The goal was to complement the lights and provide the absolute minimal visual distraction.

The lights look impressive. The music sounds remarkable. The Garden has put together a stunning display to celebrate the season.

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