• Shane Boyce

ASW looks forward to another year with the Army….

ASW has worked with several prime contractors on a multitude of Classroom XXI projects for the U.S. ARMY Training and Doctrine Command since 2008. Our technicians support Army post installations across the country. ASW is tasked with designing and installing turnkey installations that meet the requirement set by TRADOC in a short time frame. To date, the ASW team has delivered large scale auditoriums, command centers, video conferencing rooms, and a wide spectrum of classrooms. Each classroom consists of multiple displays, such as interactive displays, projection systems, flat panels, and touch screens.

The AV systems support the latest in digital media distribution. Each classroom utilizes a stereo audio re-enforcement system with DSP processing. Control systems are installed in each classroom with an intuitive touch panel interface for classroom automation of displays, audio reinforcement, screens, projectors, lights, and VTC systems. ASW provides a high level of support by dedicating staff to the program so that response times are immediate. ASW has delivered over 700+ classrooms within every timeframe requested.

Logistical processes are central to delivering large scale projects in short time frames. ASW engineers have developed specialized software for mobile devices that streamlines reporting and documentation to a centralized server. The software minimizes human error and provides multiple users the ability to access and manipulate data simultaneously in real time. Staging, mobilization, and inventory processes are continually refined to maximize efficiency. ASW is honored to support the US Army for another year!


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