Environmental Design is extremely important us. In any design that we create, we want to ensure that the technology is aesthetically pleasing in the space. It’s much more than just making sure white speakers are used on a white ceiling. That should be obvious! It is looking for creative ways to blend technology with the natural environment of a room. Adding simple touches like LED accent lighting, incorporating digital artwork, concealing speakers in walls and ceilings, and ensuring architectural elements are in place so that video displays can be flush mounted; are just a few examples. If a room is aesthetically pleasing, people feel more comfortable in the space because there are fewer distractions. Ensuring that video displays are sized properly, audio reinforcement is performing correctly, and that accent lighting enhances architectural features, are all important factors of creating an engaging atmosphere. We work with architects and clients to make sure technology is not a distraction in a space, but a desired feature that blends into the rest of the environment.