Connected Classroom
Virtual Instruction


Learning Environments…  ASW has been designing and implementing technology in learning environments since 1996. It is essential that classroom technology is intuitive for instructors and students to use. Most instructors and students are transient; and transition to multiple learning environments throughout the day. Creating seamless transitions between learning spaces is imperative for instructors and students to adopt the technology tools they are provided in class. Education is in constant competition with entertainment. Students are surrounded by technology every day such as; gaming consoles, smart phones, and tablets. It is important to utilize technology in a learning environment that engages the students so that their full attention is captured. ASW has vast experience working in K12, Higher Education, and Military classroom environments.

Content Management…  Content Management is more than video-on-demand. It is creating a centralized location with an intuitive interface that allows a user to access and manage live video streams, develop multimedia lesson plans, record and review desktop videoconferencing sessions, access specific pieces of educational content, and record and upload original content. Recording and publishing a lecture must be automated so that an instructor is not spending time with cumbersome editing software and dealing with extensive rendering time. ASW understands the workflow required to implement a successful content management system. We work hand-in-hand with the IT department to make sure the network is optimized and configured correctly for content management. We understand the impact of content management to an IT network.


Large Venues… Most educational facilities have large venues such as; sports fields, stadiums, arenas, auditoriums, and large lecture halls. Our expertise in large venues is a huge asset to educational institutions. Quality audio, video, and lighting designs are our staple. Often times these systems are an afterthought or they are never tied into campus wide content management solution. ASW will design and install systems that maximize the students’ experience when they are attending a sporting event, performance, or a lecture.