Acoustic modeling tools are important for design and simulation of a proposed sound reinforcement system. The biggest challenge in acoustic modeling is computation of reverberation paths from a sound's source position to a listener's receiving position. As sound may travel from source to receiver via a multitude of reflection, transmission, and diffraction paths, accurate simulation is imperative to ensure proper design. Sounds complex, right? Proper design is required to achieve uniform coverage while maintaining intelligibility. Anyone can design a system that is “loud”. Remember, intelligibility is what keeps your audiences’ attention and creates memorable experiences. Acoustical modeling is also essential for proper acoustical treatment. The materials used for proper acoustical treatment are not inexpensive. Acoustical treatment solutions also need to match the décor of the room. Often times, integrators will fill a wall or room with acoustical panels without doing any acoustical modeling.  The end results of this can be undesired performance or aesthetics. The good news is that we can achieve accurate results.  ASW is one of few firms across the country that has an accredited acoustical engineer on staff.  If you required heart surgery, wouldn’t you choose a doctor that had a medical degree with years of experience? ASW is the clear choice for designing your new audio system.